How To Use Art Painting In Home Remodeling

How To Use Art Painting In Home Remodeling

Home remodeling is considerably one of the best ways of giving your home a new look, as well as improve its market value. It is during a remodeling project that you can More »

How To Use Art Painting In Home Remodeling

Home remodeling is considerably one of the best ways of giving your home a new look, as well as improve its market value. It is during a remodeling project that you can repaint the house, have wall cracks sealed, repair faucets, and even bring in new appliances in the house. While painting the house gives your home a new look and feel, adding in some more fun to it by using wall hangings and art paintings can give it the much-needed uplift. Although an ancient decoration method, fine art paintings are slowly gaining popularity as more and more people appreciate the connection these paintings have.

Unlike computer printed photos and canvases that are available almost everywhere, professional art paintings are more valuable and cool to look at. One finely drawn art can be the primary focus in a room, which is the reason investing in one or two in a home remodeling project is an excellent idea. Outlined below are a few tricks and ideas on how to use art painting in home remodeling for a perfect result.

1. Use patterned art painting wallpaper to the back of a bookcase or shelves

Bookcases, wall cabinets, and shelves are common in many homes today. Most people keep their most valuable books and magazines in a special bookshelf or particular cabinet. Instead of staring at a blank white or wood finish in the bookshelf, cabinet or shelves, consider having custom patterned wallpaper inside the enclosure. The patterned wallpaper will not only improve the cabinet’s visual appeal but also make it pleasing to look at. You can even use the wallpaper painting in the cabinet to boost the small artwork you have on the shelf.

2. Disguise wall-mounted TV with framed art prints

The wake of technological advancements has seen many people investing in large television screens of at least 32inches in size. TV’s this massive call for another investment, mounting them on the wall. While a wall-mounted TV may be a piece of art, you can find a clever way of disguising it on the wall by using a pair of framed art prints or paintings. These prints should be the same size or larger than the television to help sell the idea. The artwork can be used to shift focus instantly in the wall or the living room. Some people even consider having one image on a collage of art canvasses to sell the idea even better.

3. Use a backsplash of paintings and art prints in the kitchen

The kitchen is the main source of life in every home. The kitchen needs a makeover now and then to make it more practical. While repainting the kitchen with bright colors may help with the remodeling project, you should also consider having a huge art print in the same. Oil-based art paintings are preferably the best for kitchen and bathroom setups. This is because oil-based art helps bring out a more hyper-realistic image, and can withstand heat and moisture easily. Most people, however, use plexiglass to help protect the canvas and the painting from water; especially should you choose to place the art behind the tap.

4. Use a large painting (5ft and above) to create a statement door

Many people will under most instances want to divide an open space in one of their rooms to create an extra room. This could be to create an extra bedroom or even a private office to use while at home. While plywood can be used to create the partition, you can use a large painting to create a statement door for the same. For this to work out well, consider using a sliding door instead of a hinged one. It is in this way that the painting can be preserved (especially on the edges) and blend in with the rest of the wall.

5. Use a large oil art painting in the bathroom

The bathroom is one of the most important, and neglected rooms in most homes. It also requires frequent renovations or remodeling to keep it practical. You can however make use of a large art painting in the bathroom to create whatever mood you want. You can have a talented and professional artist create whatever art you want – most preferably a calming one.

If possible, consider using authentic and hand-drawn paintings in the living room or even the entire house. These attract more attention and are more appealing that computer generated ones. Buying from a talented and professional artist is recommended as well. At the end of the day, adding your paintings to a new space requires a bit of skill and you should consult with an experienced contractor (our partners in Philadelphia have mastered the art of home improvement remodeling.