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How to Make Use of Small Spaces

Not all rooms in a house are big, but that doesn’t mean you can neglect small spaces. Small rooms can be beneficial if you know how to work on them and be creative. Let’s look at some of the following ideas:

1 . Multifunctional. Fill your room with double – duty furniture or who has two roles / functions. For example, a bench that can also be used as a storage or transferred as a bed sofa.

2 . Pamper Guests. If you have a special room, it was nice. But if not, do not worry too much. When friends or relatives to stay, you can still make it comfortable by giving them a bit of luxury. For example, giving a soft pillow and a blanket and clean or fancy cutlery at breakfast . If it were so, sleeping on the couch so it seemed to stay at five-star hotel.

3 . Appearance wise. Before you buy furniture, think about function and aesthetics. Everything that is in the room you have no purpose. For example, if you have a lot of books, you can make it a focal point. Namely, by choosing a unique bookcase in terms of color or shape. That way, you do not need to add a display or other accessories in your room.

4. The side show ”Dark” you. Some say, just a dark color will make the room look more narrow. In fact, just the opposite. Dark colors make the room feel more spacious because the eye does not see the barriers and boundaries of furniture.

5. Consider Sense. Approach at your sensory room . How the room looks, smells, sounds, and feelings when it hit all the elements in it. Customize everything according to your wishes or tastes. For example, air freshener with a scent of vanilla, placing a large vase in the corner of the room for visual elements, or adding a rug on the floor. quite like a large flower accent.

6. Efficient Outside – In. Keep your room is kept neat and clean. That way, every motion you will become more efficient. It is conceivable, right, what if a small room look cluttered?
Hopefully, the above six tips to make your life more comfortable.