Paint-tings or Paintings are a gift of life that move the soul, tantalize the spirit, capture memories,and create emotions for a lifetime!

Paintings evoke psychological and emotional mindsets. Color, tone, balance, intensity, variation, rhythm, speed, clarity, focus, composition, subjective, suggestive, line, brush stroke, shape, light, dark, passion, reference, subtlety, all stir deep in the cauldron of ingredients that transform what your eyes behold into what your heart feels. Great works of art remind us of better things. Painttings evoke emotion from making us cry to making us smile. Inducing our thought process to ponder, to imagine, to feel and to move, the truly real ones want to make us go there, stopping us, remind us of better or special circumstances or events, causing us to be thankful to God and appreciate life. We find they make us feel better, live longer and live healthier. Great works have a place in all of our collective lives. There is no price that can truly be measured with these visual illustrations that wrench our very being.

Artists are emotional, temperamental, intuitive, positive individuals. Most are people whose lives have been tempered by loss, by non forgiveness, by maligning, misrepresentation, by non support, by lies and falsities. Yet, they keep building sandcastles, hoping for a brief moment all is well and all is beautiful and someone will see it and appreciate it. Many are the most optimistic people on the planet.

Artists are individuals who have suffered greatly, been misrepresented, and misinterpreted. Most have fallen in love and tasted deep the passion and zest life offers and been gripped by the temptations and depths to which humans will and can sink. They have breathed and inhaled joys, uncertainties, heart ache and the bedrock of foundational beliefs. Artist have pursued with focused passion and fallen hard, been stepped on, gotten up, dusted off and set out to achieve greatness and be rewarded, even if that reward is something the world would not or could not understand.

They have experienced disappointment as well as victory. They are individuals who think, who ponder, who notice. They don’t suffer fools wisely and they are conscious of those who sell them out. They know what it is to be loyal and they know what it is to be betrayed. They are filled with multiple thousands of ideas and they struggle to block out the noise that so affects their understanding.

Artists love people but would be totally satisfied to find themselves as a recluse. They have been team players and individualist. They are dependent and independent, crying out from a soap box while intently focusing on every letter of human expression coming from ones mouth. Artists possess a gift so great it’s like they were chosen and waited in line to have it presented from the King of Kings and Lord of Lords. Deep within they know it is not their own but the work of the Creator through them.

Artists want their works to tell stories, fascinating stories, and speak volumes, messenger emotions, in unutterable languages. They want their paintings to carry keys that unlock the secret places of human need, human emotion, and human feeling.

They want their works to be art emotions, to enter the minds, the hearts and the very souls of their viewers. They want them to long for, to hunger over, and to experience the blessed works of their hands. As they understand, no one may ever care at all for what they have given themselves to. Here’s more on their creative process.

For today we are just too busy, too hassled and too fickle to even attempt a relationship with a work of art. Everything is instant in a no time world. It’s a major problem and danger today! The encounter has to carry a big stick and knock you out with its first swing. Most of all the work has to be the bargain of a lifetime. Value and quality and coming to the museum over and over and over again just for the sake of pure enjoyment, doesn’t exist anymore. Sitting, pondering, letting your mind wonder, letting it be saturated with thoughts and emotions, these are no longer experiences today.” (excerpts from Doug Auld © 2009 auld, ltd)

Far too many people encounter paintings and artwork as they do life, blindly moving from hour to hour, day to day, month to month and year to year never stopping to smell the roses or find those fine works of art that move them for a lifetime all of which is filled with emotions and feelings.

We spend thousands of dollars on entertainment, self gratification, and meaningless stuff in the course of a lifetime, none of which will satisfy. And yet, only a very few see and feel and truly experience visual applications, beautiful paintings, colorful paintings, cool paintings that are captivating, entrancing, and that grabs a hold day after day and by its very existence makes them and their life better!

Find great paint-tings! Find, look, ask, seek, knock and acquire great visual painttings, great emotions pictures, for life that move your very soul or let paintings find you. Acquire them. Display them. Ponder and experience them and live a better life!