Digital Art Paintings

Digital Paintings transcends Tradition creating a New World of Paint-tings!

Digital Paintings are blowing away traditional means, methods, and applications for those artists who create paint-tings.

The word “computer” is not a bad word. The same expansion of knowledge which they have allowed in all of society is right there in the midst of the artist’s pallet, canvas and easel. What makes it is the ability it gives the artist to create, produce and achieve far beyond taking actual paint to canvas.

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This is not only allowing the artist to see, change and create, but it has given him the ability to do it at an unheard of pace with tools that artists only dreamed of before. There’s no more wait for the paint to dry. Where can I buy Cadmium Red? My favorite brush is just worn out; do you know where I can get one? What do I use for clean up? I no longer have the right light, I will have to wait. I need another coat, more transparencies. Forget about it!

Digital Fine Art has many forms. There’s the “computer generated form” where the computer makes decisions and inputs the restraints and the applications. There’s the “manipulated form” where the computer makes preprogramed changes under certain guidelines and often with the help of the one using the program. There’s the “modified image” form where helps are given to affect images and there are many more forms. The one which stands alone to artists who are in the painting community is where the artwork is done almost exactly like it would be using oils, acrylics, chalk, pastels, pens, easels, palettes, brushes, knives, and alike to create and make original images on paper, cloth, or canvas.

This is one of the most exciting and useful opportunities in the world of art.

This is probably due to the very vastness of the applications, the depth of the tools available to complete those applications. it is unlike any other. It’s greater than walls and earth being mixed with egg, greater than pigment being mixed with linseed oil and put in tubes and certainly greater than throwing paint on canvas.

It opens up unlimited possibilities for artists to be and use their creative genius and God given talent.

Within this framework they can use some of the other fantastic tools before them in new and exciting ways, ways like, digital scanning, picture manipulation, image detailing, image enlargement, time and element sensitive photography, a new vast digital library, a new opportunity to not re-create but create on their own from previous ideas.

It’s no longer a world of waiting for hours and days for the exact moment only to have your easel fall over, paints and brushes go everywhere because of some huge gust of wind, ruining everything. Now you can capture that image exactly when you see it and still feel all the engaging elements of that natural setting. You can take it, own it, apply it, and use it to create a work that you can be satisfied with and God willing, will affect many. You can find a myriad of other images and opportunities for executions with that one single captured image.

It is no longer a world of paint and pigment and linseed oil and thinner and running out of what you needed at the exact worst time. It’s a world far beyond what previous artists could even imagine. It’s a world where artists become part of cross information discipline while still using all the previously known skills and applications. It is a world where artists now armed with digital tools can create like never before and give their communication back to an ever changing world.

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One thing that digital art is NOT is the myopic view that it is only a reproduction process, that the computer somehow magically produces and reproduces works, and that it is somehow NOT original art.

It’s not a world without so many problems, especially, where everyone believes he or she is now an artist. It is, however, a world of multiple solutions and opportunities which are just now breaking wide open. A digital artist can produce a digital landscapes and have digital canvas prints, giclee art prints, with speed and and accuracy of his or her expression. With the new applications and integration of outputs, brushes, paints and pigments along with finishes and embellishments, even while keeping some of the smells, the clean up and over feel in the mix.

It is a fantastic, wonderful world of mixing tradition and new world and mind expansion. Find Digital Paintings and digital fine art on these pages: Digital Artwork, Original Art Paintings, Paintings Wildlife, and more throughout the site. Artists are freer using the digital canvas, creating more digital art on canvas more aware and more comfortable as well as more confident that the work and the skill they have may now in fact produce a “work of art”.

May you find paintings great digital art paintings or may paint-tings find you!