Fine Art Paintings

Fine Art Paintings Imprison One’s Soul & Liberate One’s Emotions!

Fine Art Paintings or Paint-tings are the brand standard for quality in both visual and performing art. With years of struggle between restriction and freedom, the phrase Fine Art labels the finest art forms including paintings, illustration, design, sculpture, theater, photography, dance, printmaking and architecture. This is true not only on an individual level like a painting or dance performance but also on an institutional level like a museum, school, or theater. Society and those within it have applied these terms to create separation and division between the “Fine arts” and the “arts and crafts” type applications.

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Most people believe that the brand, fine art, also connotes the terms quality and skill! These are intrinsic within each of the disciplines. The lack of either of these provides the biggest argument for commonplace, unacceptable or sub par.

Some have presented and tried to represent changes of direction, new insights, lead movements, freedom of expression as acceptable indicators where quality and skill are not found to any great degree. Its most common place is found in tolerant terms that “everyone is an artist”. To the art community as a whole and to the true individual artist this has to be unacceptable. A fine art artist is different. They present their work in fine art galleries or fine art online, and sometimes as a fine art giclee. Most of fine art is present as a fine art oil painting, encompassing emotions expression, happy memories or a recovered memory.

Today’s biggest threat to artwork and fine art comes from this tolerance as well as the change that is rapidly coming from technology. If it’s not the old fashion way of application than it can’t be what you claim. Or, if everyone can do it then that means no one has genius or unique skill. These two outlooks verge on “blasphemy” to the true skilled artist, his application and the output of his originality and genius.Here’s an article to read about these concerns and other threats.

Fine art paint-tings present themselves in quality which moves the individual beyond themselves finding, peace, rest, stimulation, arousing change or other emotional connections within oneself. It positions itself to grow and involve its viewer over the long term making a continual connection. Finding and acquiring fine art is essential to one’s health, one’s motivations and awareness.

Here’s what Wikipedia has to say about: “Fine Art”

It doesn’t have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to be works by only famous dead artists from auction houses or prestigious galleries. Painttings don’t have to come with only gold frames. In most cases what makes the work are that the paint-tings themselves are spectacular. They seem to come loaded with special heart and soul penetrating devises that breaks down the viewers self imposed barriers, just like those on Original Oil Paintings, Flower Paintings, Landscape Oil Paintings, Impressionism Paintings, and the rest of the painttings on this site.

Fine art paintings also contain many of the elements of great food and great wine. The paintings are good, visually pleasing to the viewers eye and some are good for your health. In some cases if they haven’t knocked their viewers socks completely off, they work continually on that viewer until he or she surrenders. Its sort of like love. Some times there is love at first sight and sometimes the “like” evolves into the “love”. The works taste good. In the minds eye it just has such a pleasing, “more-ish” taste. One thing they all do is age well. Each day they give of themselves and give more and more communicating their personal message. Like excellent wine it gets better with age.

If you are on that quest, you will acquire pieces which connect as you already know. If you are just starting, enjoy the thrill of the journey. Either way, you should find Paint-tings or let the Fine Art Paintings find you!